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Σάββατο, 12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015


Asleep inside as every dawn
Hidding seems the only way to be
until your voice unravels,
and wakes me up seeking me,
through dreams within my dreams:

"Oh, come out, lover,don't you know,
 It's so beautiful out here..."

Stay right where you are, I say
I only love you when you're pure.
Don't mind the cracks and the lies
I keep the memories inside,
our whispers safe and out of sight.

I feel you closer when you're silent
There's no need to force a sound.
Knocks won't work on us my love,
we'll end up dirty and blind and bound.

Don't you know, lover,
It's much more beautiful out there,
There's so much light for you to play
don't mind the shadows around me
they only hurt you when I walk away.

Let me sleep a little longer
Find me in someone else's past.
Slip your fingers on me, lover
Touch mine all you want,
I forgive you everytime you sing:

 "Don't you know,
 It's so beautiful out here
 It's so beautiful out here
 It's so beautiful out here
 It's so beautiful out here
 So beautiful out here..."

"Sleeping with ghosts" by Gironimo (Source: DeviantArt)

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